Taka vs Rupee

Pulak Mandal asked 6 মাস ago

I want to go to shillong by dawki border, can i carry BDT ? – if yes how much ? 
R u know any address where i can convert Taka to Rupee.
Please share with me. 

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আদার ব্যাপারী Staff answered 6 মাস ago

Yes, you can carry upto 10K leaglly. 
You can convert BDT to Rupee at Dawki Bazar, You need to ask there – where i can convert BDT to RS? একটা মুদির দোকান আছে, ওই মহিলা রুপি করে আমার জানা মতে।
Also you can convert dollar at Shillong Police Bazar Circle.

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